folegandros, 29 april to 1 may

We had heard varying reports about heading to Folegandros and the reliability of ferries, so it took lots of thought and contemplation before we headed here.

We were glad we did - we nicknamed it the Matjiesfontein of the islands. It is 32 square kilometers and houses a permanent population of 650 people.

April 29

We arrived, checked into the hotel and headed into town for lunch. The people we saw around were the other tourist that had arrived on the same ferry. The main town can be walked flat in a matter of around 10 minutes!!

After lunch we decided to walk down to Agali.... about 4km away. We once again bumped into 2 of the couples that had arrived with us! Agali was uninhabited by any locals... there were 2 other tourist groups (i.e. 5 people) on the beach.







Agali Beach is at the bottom of a very steep hill. A daunting prospect when you are lying chilling on the beach.

After the beach we headed back to the hotel for sunset and amarula.

April 30
As this was our one full day on the island, it was time to explore it fully. So we hired a moped and headed off on a trip of the island. Above is Livadi beach, about a 1km passed the port. Dunc practised some skimming!


After lunch the rains came down, so it was into the only open restuarant in town for some coffee and backgammon!


But, we were lucky enough to have it clear a little in the evening and we headed down to the harbour. This little ray was casually swimming around the harbour... what a sight.

I really loved the sign..... there are only 3 buses per day... morning noon and night. The rest of the time there's the taxi!

May 1
Up early and headed off to take some pics. Weather was not great, but still managed some good pics!
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