athens, may 10 - 11
We had decided to extend the time in the islands, which meant that we had a day in which to see as much as possible in Athens. We did many many kilometres of walking - at least that is what my feet were telling me!


We started the morning early (the hostel served breakfast) and then headed to the Acropolis hoping to beat the crowds.

The Acropolis is under major reconstruction - with major scaffolding, cranes etc. all over the place. And no, we did not miss the crowds. It was jam packed with school kids, whose desire is to find out where you are from.


Dunc - on the Acropolis view over the sprawling concrete jungle of Athens. Some of the pieces of the Pantheon!
After the Acropolis we walked up Filapopau Hill just to get a view from another angle. Before heading down to the Ancient Agora - which was also under reconstruction!

I think this was a court house but really can't remember in the Ancient Agora. It made for some fun photography with the beams and pillars!


By this stage we were hot, dusty and hungry, so we bought some bread and headed to the National Gardens for a moments relief from the heat.

Then off to the Temple of Zeus and the Olympic Stadium....


Temple of Zeus with Acropolis in the background

Olympic Stadium and THE flame

We had fun with shadows while waiting for the hundred and one Japanese folk to finish taking their individual shots with the flame!

Having exhausted our feet and still hot and dusty, we called it a day and headed to the National Gardens with some nice Greek pastries and Scrabble!

After chilling for a while, we watched the changing of the guards, had supper and then headed back to the hotel to collect our bags and off to the airport.

Dunc's flight was at 10pm, but Meg's was 6am the next morning, so Meg had "quality" time to spend in Athen's airport AGAIN!

And that was Greece!
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