ios, 1 - 3 may

Ios is definitely the party island. Now for those that have been to Ios know that Far Out is the place to be. Unfortunately the Far Out Village hotel, the one right on the beach was booked out as there was a film crew there from Germany, so it was up on the hill for us for the nights. The days were a short walk across the beach to the loungers at Far Out.

Relaxing at the hotel pool... There was water in there!
We did not hire a moped in Ios and we decided it was not worth using the buses either, as the distance between town and Far Out Hotel was about a 10 minute walk and then from the hotel to the village another 10 minute walk. The buses only came once an hour and we invariably watched them pass from the hotel window!
Sunset walk above town.

The nicest ferry to be on... Blue Star arriving in Ios

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