mykonos, 7 to 10 may

Mykonos was our last island stop. We left Naxos and travelled our one and only trip on the high-speed ferry. It was a very bumpy ride and there were a few sick people on board. We survived. The high-speed ferry must be absolutely awesome on a calm day.

We arrived at Mykonos and had to do some bargaining. We both did some bargaining and landed up with a little self catering facility just above Little Venice.

We dumped our stuff and headed for a walk around town.

May 7
Pelican in Mykonos harbour Dunc....
Little Venice Windmills above Little Venice

We finished the day off with a dinner at Alexandros in Little Venice. The following evening there was a wedding in this venue - pretty stunning!

May 8
The weather was stunning so off to Super Paradise on the bus to spend a relaxing day on the beach. We just vegged for the entire day and caught the 4pm bus back to the town! It was a great day.
We ended the day with a walk around town again.
May 9
A little windy and a little chilly, so we opted for hiring a bike and exploring the islands. As the busses only went to various beaches once an hour, we decided that the bike would give us the flexibility to find a beach sheltered from the weather.
Lunch at Elia. Stunning, stunning beach! Afternoon tea at Plati Yialos. The beach is restaurant backed and covered with umbrellas and recliners. We got the tea brought to us - see the little pull out tables! These are "fancy"!.


To our great amazement and Meg's utter excitement we discovered a Starbucks on Mykonos island. Caramel Frap was definitely required - bliss!

To end the day...... We got engaged!
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