naxos, 3 - 5 may


After the party island it was off to the largest island and the most "industrialised". We had arranged to stay at Lianos Village at Prokorpias beach in advance. We were met at the port with a little sign board for "Duncan Houston" it was really great.

The hotel was stunning and we really felt treated on this island. Full breakfast every morning, the best service and super friendly staff. It was definitely worth the treat. Must say though that there were still no proper showers or shower curtains!!

May 3

We left Ios at 8am and arrived at Naxos in time for some breakfast at the hotel and then an afternoon of relaxation on the beach. This is Prokorpias beach and you can see Paros in the background.

In the evening we "ordered" a bike which was delivered to the hotel. Then we headed into town to explore a little and watch a stunning sunset.

Duncan at Relax restuarant Octopus drying
The "Porta" at Naxos harbour Sunset from Relax
May 4  

We had the bike for the day and decided time to explore the beaches down the west coast of the island - from Prokopios to Pyrgaki. It was a bit of a dull day and the beaches were empty and the villages deserted.

This is Meg on Plaka beach - a really nice stretch of beach and nice sand too.

We finished the day off with dinner in town and collected a car for the next day galavants.

May 5  

The days plan was to drive from Naxos Hora through the mountains and across the island to Appollan and the back along the northern coast of the island to the Hora.

Our first stop was Damali for a shopping stop at the pottery factory. There were some very tempting items, but we left with a few bowls and plates.

Damali houses the oldest olive press on the island. This pic on the left is of one of the old olive trees. There are some that are said to be over a million years old.

The olive press at Damali

Our next stop was Hailki were we headed into the Citroen distillery. Meg got out of the tasting on the excuse that she was driving (phew!) and Dunc tried the lot. It is potent stuff.

We took our lunch break of bread with cheese and jam overlooking the town of Flioti and the valley beyond.

We drove on and explored a little trying to find the old watermills down a little valley. To get there required driving along a narrow little road. There was definitely not space for 2 cars going different directions. Alas though we did not find the watermills.

Dunc in Aperinthos The "cargo" only just fitted through the narrow streets. The donkey went up and down stairs too.
May 6  

With the weather once again a little chillier, it was another day of touring the island. We hired a bike again and decided to do a short inland route.

We went via Mesa Potamia, Halki, Melanes and back home. There were not many "sights" along the way, just great scenery and a beautiful view.

Of the sights, we went to the Temple of Demetris, another incomplete Kouros - a little smaller than the last one and saw a huge marble quarry.

The kouros Huge marble quarry - I wonder how this is rehabilitated after this destruction.
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