greece, 21 april - 12 may 2004
After Meg jetting around the USA, we planned a 3 week trip round the Greek Islands.
A real holiday!

Meg flew in from USA (actually, bus to NY, flight to London and then to Athens ... phew!) and Dunc direct from SA and met, believe it or not, easily in Athens airport. Dunc's plane was delayed en route and landed an hour later than expected. The glitch now was that we had missed the bus option, so it had to be the taxi as we had only 45 minutes to get from the airport to the port.

Well, the taxi ride was hectic (hellish is probably a better word!) with the driver driving around 160 km/h, straddling lanes and narrowly missing other vehicles. But, we made the ferry with only seconds to spare. The other passengers had good entertainment watching us sprint towards the ferry dragging 40kgs of my US luggage.

Choosing pictures to display was a hard task. There are many many more, but once again, I hope this gives a glimpse into the great time we had experiencing some of the island spots and lifestyles....
We had 19 days on islands:

Paros, 22 - 25 April


Santorini, 25 - 29 April


Folegandros, 29 April - 1 May


Ios, 1 May - 3 May


Naxos, 3 May - 7 May


Mykonos, 7 May - 10 May

Then, a quick 2 day sprint round Athens
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