paros, 22 - 25 april

We arrived at Paros just after lunch. The ferry docks in Parikia and we were staying 3 km from Nauossa on the otherside of the island. So a bus trip 10km across the island and then a little wait for Stella from Margaritha Studios to come and fetch us.

That evening we went back to Nauossa to fetch a bike, bought some supper stuff (we had a little kitchenette) and headed home.


Duncan at Nauossa port

The next morning, off on a little trip of the island.
Church in Parikia Watching ferries from Pebbles Bar, Parikia

That evening we headed to the taverna in Ambelas for dinner. We were initially the only patrons in the restuarant, but were later joined by another 2 tables!

En route to Lefkes - terraced slopes
Up early to head to Kolimbrithes for photos. The rock formations are amazing and the water is calm and clear. It makes for a wonderful photo-stop. It kept us busy for a good while!

Pisa Livadi Beach... it was warming up Tenderising octopus.. training starts early

Dunc having lunch at Margaritha Studio, Ambelas

View of Nauossa from between Kolimbrithes and Monastiri


Our next stop was Santorini. We left Paros on a rather chilly raining day, so not a bad day to be travelling.

Dunc in front of the windmill - Parikia port

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