santorini, 25 - 29 april
April 25

It was a 5 hour ferry trip from Paros to Santorini. On the trip we met Mark Mc Cann (a South African from Joburg now living in Toronto) and his girlfriend Denise. They had left Athens that morning at 8am and were told by the booking office that they would be in Santorini by 2pm. Needless to say, they were still on the ferry until 5pm that day.

The weather was a rather chilly and raining, so a good day to be travelling. Not great though for taking pictures of the awesome views entering the caldera at Santorini.


Us with Oia in the background Denise, Meg and Mark with Kameni in the background

We quickly checked into our hotel (the Golden Sun) and headed into town for a look around.

We encountered this cat sitting on the chair and looked so picturesque. Little were we to know that this cat NEVER moved. Sadly we did not eat at NRG until the 2nd last evening on Santorini. Had we tasted the cuisine sooner, we would have been sold. Great great food and super owner!

April 26

The weather was once again cool, so we headed indoors. We decided we would catch the bus to Boutari Winery. Well, not having much experience of the bus system in the islands and no knowledge of the island, we saw Boutari bus stop as we whizzed passed! So off at the next one and a 10 minute walk back.

If you see the vineyards, they look a little different to those in SA.... The vines are grown in a basket shape to protect them from the winds.


The wines.... umm.... we come from South Africa, a little hard to compete with these taste buds. Of the range, the dessert wines were the most palatable.

We had a speedy cellar tour. Then a very casual tasting in a very modern stunning tasting room.

To clear the palate, we were given barley bites. Change from the cream crackers supplied in SA.


In the afternoon, we decided we would walk from Fira to Oia. The guide book suggested that this walk would take us two and a half hours, so doing a little maths, we reckoned an easy walk.

Ummm. Well it would take 2 1/2 hours if you motored it and did not stop to look at the view. Boy was I glad to see the Oia sign..... it was still another 30minutes from there to the end of the island, but at least it felt like we had arrived!

April 27

The day started with a trip to Ancient Akrotiri. No pictures, as there is not much to see. They had closed off large sections of the dig, so unlike the usual route we really had nothing to see.

The afternoon we relaxed back in Fira, enjoying the view from the rim and trying to find the Santorini classis shot... we found it!
Dunc with Kameni behind The classic

That evening we treated ourselves to dinner on the rim - at Fanari's Taverna.

April 28

Our last day on Santorini and the weather thankfully improved. So we hired a bike and headed off to explore the island.



First we headed down passed Akrotiri to the Black and Red Beaches.


Lunch at the lighthouse. Even the lizards are tame here and came to greet us!


For afternoon tea we headed to Perissa Beach. There was this picturesque Church on the way out. We also found a bakery that is open 24hours.... in the summer. Yummy goodies.

Kamari beach.... not many people around

Back to Fira to walk the steps from the Old Port.

We thought we would walk down and take the donkeys back up.


Alas it was not to be. By the time we got to the bottom there were no more donkeys at the bottom. So walking it was!

Last evening.....
Having fun with shadows at sunset

Our last sunset was certainly on top form.

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