road-trip 29 march to 17 april 2004
Los Angeles

There was a general lack of enthusiasm to go to Los Angeles. We had all heard bad reports of the traffic and tackyness of the city. As with anything when you are expecting the worst you are pleasantly surprised. I was glad I went, but also glad to have left!

Due to shuffling of the plans we only had one day of sightseeing in LA - so the heat was on.

We walked Rodeo Drive, drove through Beverly Hills, walked Hollywood Boulevard, visited the Getty Centre, stayed on Santa Monica Boulevard, partied on Sunset Boulevard and rollerbladed on Venice beach. We did the stuff.

Sunset at Venice Beach on the 1st evening


The "prints" in the entrance to the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard Dustin and I at the end of the Chinese Theatre tour.... just before Cecil had a run-in with the chair
Cecil in his element at the Getty Centre. Come on Pretty Woman..... Rodeo Drive and all the million dollar stores

The "405 Parking lot" - a 5 lane highway... This was taken in the middle of the afternoon. Can you imagine rush hour!

Little did we know that we were going to spend 5 hours in such traffic en route to San Diego. Argh.


The best part of LA was the long stretch of bike path from Santa Monica pier to Venice Beach.
Dustin, Maria and I got up (after a late night of celebrating on Sunset Boulevard for Jeanne's birthday) for a little exercise on the beachfront. It was well worth it!