road-trip 29 march to 17 april 2004
As it was a long drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Dustin split the trip into 3 days. Day one from San Francisco to Pismo Beach, then Pismo to Santa Barbara and finally Santa Barbara to L.A.
Drive from San Francisco to Pismo Beach
Pebble Beach: The guys went for a walk around.... the girls went for coffee.
What an awesome place to play golf.

After Pebble Beach there was a 150 mile drive along the coast...... picture Chapman's Peak for 150 miles! It was stunning, but tough on the drivers.

Sunset stop en route
Pismo Beach to Santa Barbara

This was only a 100 mile drive... alas no pictures of Pismo Beach or en route. We started the day with a "relaxing" frisbee game on the beach. This frisbee game included push-ups for every "fault" during the game. Needless to say the next day everything ached. I guess the desired result.

Once at Santa Barbara, it was an admin afternoon before heading to town to celebrate Maria's birthday.

Santa Barbara yacht club Santa Barbara beach front
Santa Barbara to Los Angeles
Malibu girls... Malibu boys....