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This page is about Meg's JIT in Princeton, NJ, Jan-Mar 2004.

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My home for 10 weeks

We arrived in NY to a "warm" welcome - the coldest day in 10 years. After being put up in a hotel on Manhatten for a few days, Gordon and I headed off to Princeton where we would be based for our 3 months of JIT (Currently Gordon is truely "based" here, heading off at 6am up-state every morning and getting back round 9pm at the earliest).


But, I digress. Upon arriving at the apartment in Princeton, Gordon had a great en-suite bedroom (Joan joined us a few weeks later), while I had the following surprise:

Yup, a cot. Just in case, I tried it out for size, and decided that at a push I could maybe make one night.


Luckily, it was only a phone call later and the problem was solved. The replacement was much better... And then, for a more complete view of the appartment, here's a panoramic:


Me in the lounge

Joan in the kitchen - she spoilt us plenty!

B comes to visit Princeton, 17-18 Jan
B came down for the weekend, and we landed up doing a few touristy things for the weekend

A few pics of Princeton campus. On the right, the main entrance, and below that, me and B on the stairs. Below is B rubbing noses with a large cat...

Washington DC, 31 Jan - 1 Feb

Gordon and I headed out early on Friday afternoon. Our departing early unfortunately landed us in the middle of rush hour traffic in Philly and a little detour (about close on an hour) to find a McD, meant that we only arrived well after dark.

The next day we were up (not so early) and headed into the District to do the sights. It was icy cold and we walked for hours, but we got to see the Monument, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln, White House (from afar), Air and Space Museum and the open section of the Holocaust Museum. It was a good day.

Meg at Washington Monument Washington Monument.
Don't be eluded by the blue skies... it was freeeezing
The Jefferson Memorial from the Washington Monument Chilly Meg in the Jefferson Memorial
Capitol at sunset
Credits for the Washington shots to go to GD McKechnie.... thanks!
Dirk and Bronwyn visit Princeton, 6 - 8 Feb
B and Dirk came to stay for the weekend. We went to see a show on Broadway...? Here are a couple of photos from our trip...
Skiing at Hunter Mountain, 13 - 15 Feb
Tearing ourselves away from work early, we drove up to Hunter Mountain to meet B for a weekends skiing. The picture on the left is the view of the slopes from our expansive hotel room. The pic on the right shows our barely-big-enough-to-swing-a-cat room, along with the fridge behind my head (for those less observent, note the milk carton behind my head...)
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Ithaca, 27-29 Feb

This weekend destination was Ithaca, to visit Bronwyn. Amongst other things, I walked around Cayuga Lake to Taughannock Falls, ate a "Mandela pancake" and visited the clock tower...

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Vermont, 5-7 March
Gordon , Joan and I headed up to B and Dirk to spend a weekend in Vermont.....
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New York City, 13-14 March  

This weekend I headed into New York City to spend a weekend with Alan, Simon and Lee. We had a work function on the Friday evening, so it made sense!

Friday night, after the work drinks, we headed off to W-Bar and then to the dance club downstairs. We rushed out in time to catch the last bus home.

Saturday morning was a slow start to the day. We got up in time to have breakfast around lunch time. Then we headed to the half price ticket queue - getting tickets for the Little Shop of Horrors. Absolutely great show.

Sunday Simon arrived at 10am and chivied Lee and I along and off we went on a boat cruise round Manhattan. It was good fun, but FREEZING cold. We definitely did not have enough clothes. It was great to see the island - the good, the bad and the plain ugly too!

World Financial Centre - Deloitte office in 2WFC (the middle shiney dome toped building). Bailey on the Ferry - it was freezing cold
Simon and Lee  
This was the last weekend of JIT. There were only 4 days left of work before heading off on long long holiday.
Ithaca and Niagara Falls, 19 - 25 March

After JIT I headed first to B and Dirk for a little recovery time!

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Lilly family, 25-29 March and 17 - 20 April
The Lillys housed me and put up with me for a few days before the road trip and a few days afterwards.
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