road-trip 29 march to 17 april 2004


The following few pages are just a summary of the 3 weeks travelling down the West Coast of USA and of the some 500 or so pictures that were taken en route.

It was a rollercoaster, a bundle of laughs and 3 weeks of absolutely great memories - I hope that the pics display some of the fun that was had and the "awesomeness" of the West Coast.

The trip started in San Francisco, where I met up with Cecil, Dustin, Jeanne and Simon. A few days later we were joined by Maria, Sarike and Reinard (and a second car!). We travelled from San Francisco, to Yosemite, down the coast to LA, then San Diego, through the desert to Vegas and finally the Grand Canyon.

For easy viewing, the trip has been broken down into destinations en route. Hope you enjoy the "trip" as much as I enjoyed taking them!


Yosemite 29 March - 1 April
San Francisco 1 - 4 April
Coastal drive from San Fran to LA
Los Angeles 6 - 7 April
San Diego 8 - 11 April
Las Vegas 12 - 15 April
Grand Canyon 15 - 17 April