road-trip 29 march to 17 april 2004
San Francisco 1 - 4 April
Our first stop was a trip to Alcatraz (The Rock). We got up early to join the queue for Alcatraz, only to find that there were no available spaces... so they said. A little while later there were plenty of spaces, so onto the ferry it was and off to Alcatraz.
Meg on ferry with Golden Gate Bridge behind Warden's house & Prison building
The "Welcoming Sign" Just a cool pic....

On the way up.....

Simon in solitary confinement
The Warden's House... a little overgrown Jeanne, Dustin & Meg ... a little break on the walk up the hill
Cycling the Golden Gate Bridge
Our cycle started in rather foggy and very chilly conditions. Looking at the bridge there were definite thoughts in my mind about whether this was a good idea or not.... well we continued.... thankfully....
Little improvement the weather.... Cecil on the bridge At the end (Tiburon) of a stunning day
Napa Valley
With 8 of us in the mini-van off we went to Napa Valley. We visited 4 wineries (I think....!) and one for the lunch stop. Many thanks to Simon for being the designated driver.... we had a ball!